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Welcome to The Boredom & Variety Show! You'll hear music, lame jokes, stories, and listener messages here. Sometimes equipment even catches fire and records playing on the turntable explode live on the air. This show is a grab bag of irreverence--you never know what you're going to get from show to show, so sit back and enjoy the ride! This show proudly airs as a part of the Stereo Dust Particles network of broadcasters.

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Title: Boredom & Variety
Description: Boredom & Variety Stream
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This is the audio supplement to the main show and allows you to not only listen on your phone or tablet when you can't load the main page, it also allows for easy access to the show without registering for an account. To listen, either click the "play" button or select the type of device you have (Android or iOS/iPhone/iPad). Thank you for listening!

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This is the audio supplement to the main show.